Top tips to finding cheap weekend breaks in Europe!


Being a student has its stresses but the main one we keep hearing is  ‘WE’RE SKINT!’. Look – your still entitle to a little weekend holiday for a well-deserved break and you don’t have to break the bank to do it! We’ve put together our top tips to finding great deals and a couple of ideas on how to save money!

Europe is home to lots of unique and interesting countries! Some cold, some hot but whatever the weather a weekend away is still a nice break from real life.



The best way to get the hottest deal is to book at least a few months in advance and don’t choose your travel dates over public holidays.


  • Classic Skyscanner trick: 


Search flights from your closest airport to EVERYWHERE. That’s right you can just type everywhere and all your cheapest flight deals will pop up.

(just be sure to check your flight is a direct one & the flight departure times suit your trip)


  • Most budget airlines give you free carry on hand luggage, so don’t book anymore! – and if you cant make do with a small carry on suitcase then you’ve got a problem!  If you add luggage this will instantly put your flight up in price by minimum of £15.00.


  • Don’t select your seats.

Although it’s nice to sit with your friends on a flight normally they’re only a couple of hours long! Choose to be randomly allocated and save the £4 seat allocation each way.

(cheeky tip: often if you can politely ask the person beside you to swap with your friend if they’re sat alone).


  • Accommodation: bunk up!

There are plenty of ways to cut costs on accommodation. Often you can book a bed in a shared dormitory (if you’re not fussy) or share a room in a hotel. Another option is to get a Airbnb and spit the costs depending on how many of you are going away.

Find a hostel:    

 Rent somones place:


Our holiday so far:  Return flights from London to Amsterdam with 2 nights accommodation for £148.00pp.


  • Be prepared to go off the beaten track!

If you flew into a less touristy destination you can pick up some cracking deals.

Example: Return flights from London to Dortmount in Germany with 2 nights accommodation = £103.00


Top saving tips that you won’t even notice:


  • Set up a standing order.

From one account to another for £2 per week. Before you know it after a year, you’ll have £104.00 in your account and you wont even notice it leaving your account.


£5 per week for a year would be a massive £260!! These days you can only get a couple of pints in the pub for a fiver.


  • Loose change:

Get a money box. Sounds lame but it all adds up. After a night out chuck your pocket change into a jar. You never know, you could have over £100 after a year.


Something you have lying in your wardrobe may be worth £5 or £15 – list it and save the money you make in your paypal account for a rainy day.


  • Round ups!

Most bank accounts now offer the Round Up service. I think Monzo kicked this off!

If you spend 0.75p in a shop it will automatically save 0.25p for you. Again, this all adds up!


Enjoy your break!