Helpful tips for your household during lockdown 2.0!


As we all continue to follow the current guidelines from the government and the latest restrictions, please see below some helpful hints & tips in terms of your tenancy;

  • ACCESS TO PROPERTY -  Please ensure you continue to inform us immediately if you/your housemates have tested positive, are self-isolating and/or you are clinically vulnerable. We will continue to carry out reactive maintenance where appropriate along with any essential compliance testing/certification but it is obviously important we are made aware of positive tests/self-isolation to enable us to take appropriate measures to keep you, the Condor team and our contractors safe.


  • HEALTH & WELLBEING – as more time is spent in the home and the ability to socialise with friends outside of your group is restricted then the potential for conflict or a negative impact on your mental health and well-being grows significantly.  Please remember that support is available to you through your universities (Student Support / Health & Wellbeing) and outside agencies such as Mind.


  • COMMUNITY COHESION – anxieties in the community are currently heightened in general with an increase in more formal complaints being raised.  Whilst we are confident that our students are adhering to current restrictions, please can we ask that you remain mindful of your neighbours/community who may be more vulnerable or more anxious about the situation than yourselves.


  • INTERNET – Whilst we provide a complimentary internet service with the optimum broadband speed available where possible, naturally multiple/simultaneous usage will slow things down, especially streaming.  Whilst you may not be able to always avoid online lectures clashing, it is worth discussing with your housemates any scheduled requirements and manage usage between you to enable speedy usage as efficiently as possible for all.


  • WASTE MANAGEMENT – Significantly more waste is likely to be created in the home over this period. Please make sure you are correctly managing your household waste/recycling, storing this in the correct bins between collections in a way that will not attract vermin to the property or its grounds


  • UTILITY USAGE – Whilst you will most likely be spending more time at home than normal while the current Covid-19 restrictions are in place, it is important to remain sensible in terms of utility usage to avoid exceeding the Fair Usage Policy.  We are happy to work with you to manage this given the circumstances but we would ask for your cooperation in achieving this – for example, keeping the heating on 24/7 rather than on a timer will obviously result in much higher energy usage.  Please liaise with your Location Manager if you have any issues with heating timers who can then refer this to our Maintenance Managers. Click here to view your Fair Usage Policy.