Complaints Procedure

How to Complain

If there is anything you are unhappy with we would like to try and put it right.

Please call one of our Location Managers who will try and resolve the complaint on 01432 367276;

Corey Stephens (Cardiff / Exeter / Swansea)
Shane Hibberd (Aberystwyth / Liverpool/ Loughborough)

If the complaint is not resolved at this stage please put in writing and either email

Or write to us

Ben Pope
Condor Properties
Mill House 
Lugg Bridge Mill
Worcester Road

Once the relevant person has received your written summary of the complaint, they will aim to contact you in writing within 7 working days to inform you of our understanding of the circumstances of your case. You will be invited to make any comments that you may have in relation to this.

Within 14 days of receipt of your written summary, the person dealing with your complaint will write to you, in order to inform you of the outcome of the investigation into your complaint and to let you know what actions have been or will be taken.

We will respect your right to confidentiality and privacy and we will treat you fairly and in accordance with our commitment to equality.

If you are asking us for a service for the first time e.g. repairs, you should give us a chance to put things right. If you are not happy with our response and you let us know, we will then treat it as a complaint.

Final Viewpoint
If you remain dissatisfied, you should contact us again and we will conduct a separate review to be undertaken by Ben Pope, Chief Operating Officer. This will outline our final viewpoint on the matter.

Neighbouring Residents – If you are a neighbouring resident with any concerns with regards to anti-social behaviour or any other form of issue with regards to our property/tenants, please put your concerns/complaint in writing and email us at or alternatively call us on 01432 367276 and we will look to resolve your complaint in line with the above timescales.