Dry Jan: how it really plays out!


Crazy!  It’s already the end of January 2019!


The question is, who did it? Who didn’t? Who succeeded? Who failed? Well if you’re like most of us you probably did give it a go and it most likely fell apart around the 19th Jan. After you’ve survived a couple of sober nights down the pub & a couple of healthy weekends. I thought I’d share how it played out for me… I’m sure you can probably relate!



  • December was as ever INDULGENT.

Wine. Cheese. Chocolate. Christmas dinner. Cake. REPEAT X5. As you’re arranging your NYE plans you start trying on outfits and suddenly feel like the one you had in mind is a little tight around the waist. The panic hits and you think right as of 1st Jan… DIET. New year, new me!


  • January 1st – 6th

Well it’s not so bad at all, is it?

I’ve survived one Saturday night down the pub with my boozed up friends and I went home early and guess what? I woke up without a hangover!

Dry jan is great! I love dry jan!


  • January 7th – 13th

I’m sleeping better, eating better, feeling better, have more energy! I honestly think my whole life style has changed – there is no need at all no drink every weekend and waste all my money. I am going to start saving everything I would spend on booze and put it towards a holiday in summer. Fool proof plan.


  • January 14th – 18th

I have been gyming three times a week, lost a little weight. I am smashing January!  Kind of missing my evening red wine though. Ah great idea… non-alcoholic wine. That’ll sure cure my craving.

FYI: if you’re into grape juice then this is a really good idea. If you’re not, don’t waste your £4 as it really isn’t very good. Non-alcoholic 0.0 Heinekens on the other hand – now they’re good. Can’t go wrong for £3 for 4 cans.


  • Saturday January 19th – the killer.

You think you’ve done so well. You have lasted 19 days of no booze! People have been paid, they have started to leave the house and friends are now making plans. I have survived 2 weekends of not drinking so this one will be totally fine. I can do one party!

PEER PRESSURE: as you get older I feel peer pressure gets worse. Everyone starts to congratulate how well you’ve done and that one glass of wine or a G&T wouldn’t do any harm. So you buckle and fail. 1 glass turns into five, but its ok you’ll resume dry January tomorrow!


  • Sunday January 20th - bugger!

Hangover from hell. Head is absolutely banging! Diet fail. Deliveroo has been ordered.

Might as well get the wine in and make this hangover disappear!



  • January 21st – 25th

Back in full swing at work, still attending gym things are still going averagely well.

Wednesday hits and I definitely deserve a mid-week drink, just a couple though.


  • 26th & 27th January

No gym. Out Friday night. Out Saturday night. Hanging Sunday, order food. Sleep. Struggle through Monday.

Can’t help but feel like I’ve been here before? I have somehow slipped into my old ways!


  • 28th – 31st  January

Does the rest of it really matter? I failed. 



The most valuable lesson learnt. Anyone can survive 19 days booze free. So... Dry Jan? It’s the thought that counts though right? Let’s see what February has to hold!


Thanks then.