James Odonnell - Cardiff

Having been with Condor Properties for the past year now I must say the experience has been next to none, they have been exceptional with dealing with any problems as and when they arise. Corey Stephens (cardiff property representative) has been great when dealing with all problems and has offered help regularly to ensure we are all good in the house. The maintenance team have been very efficient and have ensured all problems were resolved immediately. I will definitely stay with Condor properties again. Thank you for our making second year accommodation a breeze . Corey especially has been outstanding.

Dimitris Morris - Exeter

I’ve stayed with condor for 2 years and they have really proved themselves to be a cut above the rest, any problems are always quickly resolved without any hassle and Nathan and the team are always around to answer any queries or provide any support you may need. I would highly recommend living with condor.

Caoimhe Sweeney - Liverpool

Kerryn our landloard in liverpool was always more than helpful and there for us throughout our stay! Throughout the year we got extras such as pizza, alcohol, vouchers and just an overall great experience! We loved it so much and had such a hassle free experience, that we decided we are staying again this year! Maintenance is always handled straight away which is also an added bonus!

Assumpta Maria - Swansea

We had an amaizing time staying in a Condor property in Swansea. They are the best student letting agents so far. We had £100 voucher when we renewed our tenancy. Nathan and Corey always communicated effectively whenver they would be calling into the house. All mantainance issues were fixed within 24 hours of reporting them.

Niamh Heeran - Liverpool

We stayed in a nice, well-priced, liverpool property with Condor and they have been fab landlords! The maintenance team have always been quick to fix any issues. We also received extras such as pizza, alcohol and vouchers! We’ve had a great experience and are looking forward to a 2nd year with condor!

Amie Marshall - Liverpool

We have had a great year with Kerryn at Condor and are looking forward to another year! Condor are quick and effective at responding to any issues, and the maintenance team are incredibly friendly and helpful. They also provide great incentives for signing such as a welcome pack

Niamh Wilgar - Swansea

Stayed at the 8a Brynmill crescent property in Swansea and would definitely recommend condor as a student letting agency. Nate and Corey specifically looked after our property and were always diligent when we had a problem or needed something fixing This property was genuinely nice as well, which I have heard condor tend to be, so it’s an easy option for students looking to share a house together.

David Moore - Swansea

I stayed in the oystermouth road property for the past year. The view was amazing and the maintenance staff were friendly and helpful in the event of an issue. problems were often mitigated swiftly within a day or so of raising the maintenance issue.

Megan Lois Brown - Exeter

Condor were really attentive with any maintenance issues we had; anything that was broken was sorted asap! They made the transition to the house really simple and there were no hidden costs. The flat was clean when we moved in with no major issues e.g. damp, and moving out was also really easy. Our rep Nathan was quick to respond to messages and always let us know in advance if anyone was popping into the flat to conduct maintenance etc. Overall I would definitely recommend!

Connor Beckenkrager Kay - Swansea

Stayed in a Condor flat on Oystermouth Road for the past year, all of the maintenance staff and property managers were very friendly and easy to communicate with. Any issues could be reported on the app, and were often sorted within a day, if not the same day!

Tom Fawcett - Cardiff

Had a great year in Cardiff, representatives were great and the maintenance was always quick. Would recommend to anyone as they have been amazing with no problems at all.

Emma Bottomley - Swansea

Condor is by far the best housing in Swansea. The house was so nice, in a great location, and any is

Dimitris Morris - Swansea

I’ve stayed with condor for 2 years and they have really proved themselves to be a cut above the rest, any problems are always quickly resolved without any hassle and Nathan and the team are always around to answer any queries or provide any support you may need. I would highly recommend living with condor.

Johanna Lewis - Aberystwyth

I’ve lived with condor for one year and I am pleased to be living with them again next year. All the staff are friendly and get back to you quick and the accommodation is lovely

Natalie Turney - Swansea

I’ve stayed with condor for 3 years in a great house. Their very quick with repairs and helping us out with any issues. They are also great to get hold of in an emergency at any time of the day! The house has been really nice with high quality extras like the Apple TV!

Shôn Alun Thomas - Cardiff

The house (in Cardiff) was lovely, with plenty of space for all 8 of us, and maintanence issues were always sorted quickly. There were also perks of renting with Condor such as shopping vouchers and competitions on their Instagram (I won an Echo dot and a £50 Amazon voucher just for sharing an Instagram story!). Would definitely recommend!

Olivia Cottrell - Swansea

Condor have been the best letting agents I have had so far in Swansea. Great communication from Nathan and the maintenance guys were always quick to fix things!

Shannon Sterry - Aberystwyth

Amazing accommodation! The rooms are so spacious and the kitchen/lounge are a good size also. The Condor team are so friendly and always help out whenever there’s an issue!

Anna Radmore - Loughborough

Great experience living with Condor in Loughborough this year. We had a lovely property at a very reasonable price. The maintenance team were brilliant, and any issues were resolved as soon as possible. Would highly recommend.

India Steggall - Loughborough

Would absolutely recommend Condor they are fantastic and one of the few companies that don’t shark on students. We had Corey and he was friendly and we wouldn’t hesitate to contact him if we had an issue. Any issues were sorted within 48 hours! They are great!

Danielle Gray - Cardiff

Would highly recommend Condor Properties! So happy with the service provided. Always quick to respond and attentive whenever they are needed. Corey and the rest of the team are very helpful and easy to get into contact with! Lovely incentives for having the house well kept, definitely the best around!

Tara Burrowes - Loughborough

Have had a good experience with condor properties. Any issues were dealt with in a good amount of time and the team were kind a considerate . Always giving us plenty of notice if a member of the team were to drop by. Thankyou.

Tom Pritchard - Cardiff

Found the guys at Condor to be helpful and overall a good experience of staying with them. Issues such as a leaking washing machine was fixed in good time, and the communication was good throughout the year. Some good incentives to keep your house clean and all in all a good service.

Charlotte Hudson - Liverpool

Excellent landlords, reassuring level of communication across the year alongside a very reliable maintenance team. A very positive experience overall Cheers

Liam Powell - Aberystwyth

Had a really great year at condor properties. Lovely building, great location and a great team who are eager to make the resident’s experience as good as it can be. Looking forward to another year!

Matthew Taylor - Cardiff

Property (in Cardiff) was fitted out to a high standard with any issues promptly and efficiently addressed. Any problems and questions were answered quickly, with plenty of notice given for when general maintenance was to be conducted! Overall a great agency who work to give you a fantastic student renting experience!

Hollie Severn - Aberystwyth

Had a great experience with condor this last academic year, any issues were sorted quickly and the house itself is amazing. Looking forward to spending another academic year with Condor.

Olivia Williams - Loughborough

Really lovely properties. Excellent maintenance team who are quick and reliable and prices are reasonable!

Lauren Wynne Martin - Aberystwyth

Absolutely amazing service from start to finish!!! Loved living with condor! Amazing managerial staff who really make you feel looked after and at home and really friendly and helpful maintenance staff where no job was too small they’d get it fixed pretty quickly! Also - keep ur place clean you’ll win free booze and food!! Winner if you ask me ☺️ if I was still a student I’d be staying with condor next year 10/10 experience and I’m so sad to be leaving them.

Jake Kebble - Loughborough

Would highly recommend living with Condor, everything is made nice and easy, house was to a high standard with maintenances dealt with swiftly and competently. Will continue to recommend to anyone in Loughborough area to go with Condor for a seamless service.


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