Christmas Checklist!


As a student your main responsibly on Christmas Day is to turn up! Set your alarm for 10 am and walk downstairs to breakfast. As most of like to push the boundaries of a ‘couple of pints’ on Christmas eve with our mates in the pub the dread walking downstairs to breakfast can be somewhat overwhelming but then hey ho – you’re greeted with a glass of bucks fizz and remember… you’re only ever three drinks away from feeling ok! Smile through it.


 We’ve put together a checklist or some ‘dos and don’t’s' or whatever you want to call it to see you through the day! Every family has their own unique tradition and that’s what makes Christmas so special. But we’re sure the below fits in there somehow - 




 Mum’s the word!

She doesn’t actually want your help with anything but by just merely saying those few small words ‘Mum, do you need a hand with anything’ will make her a happy lady.


 EAT BREAKFAST. You may be hanging but honestly it’s important to keep hydrated and eat. This will assist your day and make you feel better.


Music. You’re in charge of music. Enhance the atmosphere, everyone loves some cheese at Christmas whether it be on a cracker or a Spotify playlist!


If there’s a dog to walk… you go on that walk. England is beautiful and sometimes walking chats are the best ones. You’re only home for a few weeks so make the most of it!


Present giving. Can’t help you here. Fingers crossed you’ve actually brought them. Bonus if they’re wrapped!


The Main Event. What you’ve all been waiting for…. Christmas Dinner! Don’t fill up on pigs and blankets before your veg. Brussel sprouts really aren’t so bad and fingers crossed if you’re lucky the Yorkshire puds will be on your plate!


Cheese. Brie-lliant part of the day. 1 word: indulge. Don’t hold back. It’s the only time year its full acceptable eat an un-believable amount of cheese with no judgement.


Christmas films & fall asleep.


Family is the best part of Christmas have a good one everyone.


On another note, if you know someone alone this Christmas take the time to give them some time. A phone call can go a long way. Not everyone has a family so be mindful, caring and wish everyone the happiest of days.


Merry Christmas!