How to survive your last term of Uni! Get #organised.


How the hell did that happen? As if Easter is over, May is literally around the corner and that means two things… exams & deadlines! Your student night on a Wednesday turns into a late night library session but the end is in sight, think of those 9 long weeks where you can do what you want… or alternatively get out of your over draft!

We’ve put together our top revision and life style tips to enhance your study time.  



  • Get organised!

You may have heard this before but it’s so important. If you’re organised and use your time efficiently you can do your work, go to the pub & squeeze in the gym! Make time slots, create targets & write plans! Nothing feels better than crossing out a line on your ‘to do’ list.


  • Sleep is so important.

For university students sleep sometimes can take a back seat, it’s so important in these final weeks you allow your brain to rest! Being sleep deprived can affect your mood, energy, memory & your ability to learn. Think of sleeping as re-charging your phone. Your brain so so much more important!


  • Tactical procrastination…

Look, we’re all going to it. A short 20 minute scroll into the hole of Instagram and all of sudden you’ve lost an hour. Set yourself limits.

Example: 2 hours studying = 20 minutes screen time.

iOs have just brought out ‘screen time’ meaning you can time yourself out of your apps! Absolute god sent and life saver.




Some would say ten minutes of yoga in the morning sets your day off well but we think this is brilliant.

Alarmary: The mission alarm clock. With this app you set you alarm as normal and in the morning when it goes off you’ll have to solve a maths problem (or another chosen mission) – if you don’t solve it your alarm keeps ringing. How annoying, but gets you out of bed and kicks your brain into gear.


  • Physical Activity.

All you have to do is find 20 minutes in your day, go for a walk, run, do a 20 min yoga class from YouTube, some burpees – anything! Exercise produces endorphins, these are chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers and can help with reducing stress and sleeping and allow you to feel more focused on the task in hand!




  • Make revision fun with QUIZLET!

Quizlet is an app which allows you to create flashcards/quizzes and games. Brings a different dynamic to studying, especially if you struggle with a short attention spam!