13 Reasons Why... Easter should be your favourite Holiday!


Easter break always feels like the best break, why? Well firstly because it’s the shortest term, feels like we’ve barely been back since Christmas and we’re heading home to be fed up by Mum & Dad.

There is also one downfall though, when we get back we know we MUST prepare for exams… BLERGHH. But for now, take in all of the below and have yourself a lovely Easter break!




1) We know we only have to wait a matter of weeks until our student loan comes in! 


2) 4 day weekend baby, need we say anymore?


3) Easter Bank Holiday Weekend is the only weekend that it’s fully acceptable to go out Friday, Saturday, Sunday & a cheeky few pints in the pub on Monday. You’re Mum doesn’t even nag when you’re hungover!


4) You’ve got nearly a whole month to recover from the mother of all hangovers!


5) You get the ULITMATE roast dinner with every single trimming, dessert AND an Easter Egg!


6) You can eat as much chocolate as you like and not be judged by anybody. #carloriesdontcountonholidays *emoji peace sign*


7) Easter Egg Hunt! Now we’re older we always hope it ends up down the pub!


8) FAMILY. Can’t beat a good old catch up with parents, siblings & grandparents.



9) You get given chocolates/presents/ sometimes even a fiver in a card (winning) AND you’re not expected to give anything in return.


10) You get to hang out with all your old school friends.


11) If you’re lucky Mum might take you shopping for some new clothes… it is meant to be summer soon!


12) Its getting brighter meaning the evenings are lasting longer! More time for drinking with your mates in the beer garden. 


13)  You can binge as many episodes on as many series's as you like and not worry about getting up for lectures!



We hope you all have a great Easter Break and get the best Easter Eggs off the shelf. Keep your fingers crossed for the new Terrys Chocolate Orange one!!