How to spend Valentines Day... Single!

~ Fabienne McCormick, Liverpool ~


For many, Valentine’s Day can a very exciting day especially if it is the first one to celebrate with your new bae or if you just love a day about “love”. However for many students out there it can be a pretty unfulfilling day which you may think you have to spend alone. 


TIP! Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be a sad occasion! How about this year you learn to embrace your SINGLENESS (yes, that’s a thing) and have a day that’s all about you!




Rumour has it that chocolate is good for the brain, they say that it releases endorphins and makes your mood a lot better. So why not go to the shop, buy yourself the biggest box of chocolates and have a movie marathon. There’s nothing wrong with a little present to yourself.



Spend time with your nearest and dearest!

You don’t need to be in a romantic relationship to enjoy the spirit of valentine’s day, hang out with your friends and family who you love. Get all your single friends together and watch a film or cook your family a nice home-made meal. Valentines day is just about love. So, enjoy it with people that you do love.



Have an “All About You Day”

If your just out of a relationship or feeling a little sadder than usual this valentine’s day, why not treat yourself to a big pamper day/night that is all about you. Go and treat yourself to some new clothes, get some new facemasks, get some new bath salts and run yourself a lovely nice warm bath. There’s nothing better than loving yourself.




This year Valentine’s day is also in the same week as one of the best days of the year… `Pancake Tuesday’. So instead of feeling sorry for yourself, get out those pans, beat some eggs together and cover those pancakes in sugar. And if the first round of pancakes doesn’t help, be sure to make another few. Extend your Pancake Tuesday to Wednesday… maybe even Friday.



Do something nice for somebody

If you know somebody who needs some help or isn’t feeling great about this day either, then why not surprise them with a visit or pick them up a cheap gift in the shop. A cheap bar of chocolate can go a long way.