Surviving the student initiation

As Freshers Week kicks off, Condor Properties dispenses some timely advice for surviving the student initiation and the term beyond.

This is it. For the best part of 18 years you have been working towards a much coveted place at university and now you’re here – congratulations. But before the academia starts, you will be observing the time-honoured tradition of Freshers Week, a heady, seven-day celebration best known for all-night parties and getting to know your university cohorts.

It will probably be one of the best weeks of your lives, but wet-behind-the-ears students are prone to making schoolboy errors so follow our guide to Freshers Week and it should tee you up for a successful year at university.

  1. Don’t blow your student loan
    Rule number one, but so many young students break it. It’s easy to see why; after years of barely having two pennies to rub together, the Student Loans Company deposits a huge sum in your account and you go a bit wild. But unless you want to spend the rest of your year juggling university with stacking shelves in Lidl, make sure you don’t blow it all.
  2. Be yourself
    Perhaps you do have a funny accent and maybe you have some strange habits, but don’t feel like you need to be a social chameleon. Be proud of your quirks and eccentricities and you’re bound to attract like-minded individuals.
  3. Learn to budget
    We know budgeting is about as interesting as listening to the shipping forecast, but unless the bank of mum and dad are lining your pockets with silver you will need to learn how to do it. Good old fashioned arithmetic and a notebook works for most, although naturally there’s an app for that – it’s called My Student Budget.
  4. Embrace local shops
    Befriend your local butchers, green grocers and the like. Not only do they usually work out a damn sight cheaper than the supermarket but they won’t pass off horsemeat as beef.
  5. Conquer the hangovers
    Remember, Freshers Week is a marathon not a sprint race and if you want to be partying every night of the week you’ll need to beat the hangovers. A pint of water before bed will take the edge off in the morning, but you’ll need to keep knocking back the H2O if you want to do it all again the following night. Berocca Effervescent Tablets, tomato juice and bananas are also good at cushioning the blow.
  6. Sign up to clubs
    Freshers Week isn’t just about partying – it is also a great opportunity to sign up to clubs and societies which will enrich your university experience and help you make more friends. Whether you’re just signing up to the university footy team or want to join the debating society, clubs will add another dimension to university life and look good on your CV.