New Years’ resolutions 2013

Your student years should be the best years of your life, so why shackle yourself with New Years’ resolutions? Unless, of course, you like the sound of these…

Most student resolutions rarely make it intact to the end of January, let alone the end of the first term. Kneejerk reactions to a bout of festive excess, they generally stop you from doing the things you like doing most – going out, quaffing your favourite foods and staying in bed until midday.

However, if you are determined to make some resolutions this year, then why not make some you’ll actually stick to? Resolutions that are fun enough to keep you engaged for the rest of 2013? That’s where Condor Properties come in, because we’ve put together a few pledges that you might actually enjoy staying true to…

Learn an instrument

Let’s face it, you’ve got the time! But there’s more to learning an instrument than whiling away hours that would otherwise be spent sleeping or playing X-box. It’s a well-known fact that learning an instrument makes you more attractive to the opposite sex. But as well as being a pulling tool, boffins claim that it balances your brain and makes you less prone to depression. How? Well, playing a musical instrument exercises the right hand side of your brain, redressing the imbalance created by the left hand side of your brain, which deals with all the boring stuff like stress, deadlines and assignments.

Smarten up

Forget the dishevelled student look and those odious hipsters with their woolly cardigans and chequer shirts. In the words of Noel Gallagher “if you’re loaded, dress like you’re loaded.” Just one problem though, you’re not.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t create the illusion that you are; take a trip to the posh end of town and hit the charity shops. “I picked up a £250 jacket for a tenner the other week,” beamed Damien Thomas, a student at Exeter University.

According to GQ magazine, men should take a leaf out of these style role models: Tom Hiddleston, Robert Pattinson and Kasabian guitarist, Sergio Pizzorno. Meanwhile, Glamour’s female style icons come in the form of Florence Welch, Zoe Saldana and Gwen Stefani.

See more people

You’re young, free and single – and frankly, we envy you for it. So how do you make the most of it? Well, if you’re a dashingly handsome, silver-tongued devil then you probably don’t need our help, but for the rest of you, we have two words “internet dating.”

No longer the preserve of creepy singletons, dating websites are a place for likeminded people to hook up with members of the opposite sex. But nobody will want to pick up an impoverished student online, we hear you cry. Perhaps that was true once, but not anymore, thanks to Date at Uni (, which is bringing couples together across the country. And it’s not just a tasteful window display for something a bit racier; they have a sister site that takes care of that!