Weird housemates

Got a weird housemate? We’ve all had them, but Condor Properties have unearthed some real odd balls who take the biscuit.

It’s not until you live under the same roof as someone that you really get to know them. Sometimes this can be a good thing; in student accommodation you can often meet some friends for life. However, occasionally, you’ll meet a certified weirdo with some bizarre habits that you can’t wait to say goodbye to.

A lot like Melanie Jefferies, who lived in shared student accommodation with a lad who didn’t believe in washing up – at least not in the conventional way.

“We’ve all lived with people who’ve been a bit slack with the dishes,” says the third year student biology student.

“But instead of leaving a pile of dirty crockery next to the sink, he’d just lick the plates and forks clean and put them back in the cupboards – it was disgusting.”

Equally as unsettling was the journalism student from Liverpool who shall remain nameless, but had a habit of inviting so-called “study partners” into his room late at night.

“The door would go at nine or ten and there would be this tarty looking woman at the door,” says his former housemate, Jonathon Evans.

“Anthony (not his real name) would take her into his room and she’d stay until the early hours. He claimed she was helping with his coursework, but it was quite clear she was, shall we say, a lady of the night.”

Rather than having to contend with the red light district coming to her flat, Sarah Moore had to deal with her flatmate’s compulsion of dismantling the kitchen – and denying it.

“I’d come home from uni and I’d find all the dials from the hob had been pulled off and neatly arranged on the worktop,” she says.

“Sometimes John (also not his real name) would have been the only person in the flat yet he’d deny all knowledge when we talked about it. He was proper strange, one of those people who lived, ate and worked in his room and barely said a word to any of us for the whole year.”

Equally as strange is the housemate who locked his room every time he went to the bathroom.

“He’d actually lock his door when he went for a wee,” says his former housemate, Ryan Gabet.

“On the odd occasion we were invited into his room, we noticed that his laptop and other valuables were wrapped up in this wire mesh and chained to his bed. We questioned him about it and he just said ‘this is Liverpool mate, can’t be too careful.’ We put it down to the fact he was a southerner.”