Student app-eal

Condor Properties pick out six apps to help students through university.

Got some sorry leftovers in your fridge but don’t know what to do with them? Need to pretend you know what you’re talking about in a lecture? Or perhaps you’re looking for a drinking game to get the party started? Well, these student friendly apps should help you through most situations you find yourself in at university...

Drinking Games

Free, iTunes

The booze hound’s favourite, Drinking Games might be unimaginative by name but it is certainly creative when it comes to alcoholic games. No longer will there be lengthy debates about what to play and the rules behind them because this app has over 100 rated drinking games to choose from. Simply shake your smartphone and it will suggest party starters such as Drown the Clown, Liquid Hell and Peasant Revolt


Free, iTunes

You wouldn’t want to rely on it for that end of term essay, but if you need to sound smarter than you actually are, and fast, then Qwikipedia can paper over the gaps in your knowledge at the tap of a finger.

My Student Budget

Free, iTunes

Not the most exciting app you will download, we suspect, but My Student Budget is great for keeping track of your finances and staying on top of debt, which students are notoriously bad at doing. Simply input your incomings and outgoings and this app will help you set a budget for the coming week, alerting you when you have gone over budget – not that you’re going to do too much about it after six tequilas in the student union, but at least you know.

Big Oven

Free, iTunes

In episodes of the A-Team, our four anti-heroes would be trapped in a cow shed with little more than a length of rope and an old tractor tyre but still manage to build a tank. And in many ways, that’s what this app is like – an A-Team for the kitchen. Students simply tap in the sorry ingredients they have on their shelves and this app will search over 250,000 recipes and find a Delia-esque dish that makes use of that bag of lentils and half mouldy onion.


Free, iTunes

When you find something on the net that you want to look at in more detail later (say, the latest university accommodation on the Condor Properties website), put it in Pocket. Using witchcraft or something clever like that, it will automatically synch said webpage to your phone, tablet or computer so that you can view it anytime, even without an internet connection.


Free, iTunes

You might have the best intentions when you write a to-do list, but the reality is you’re going to write it on the back of a fag packet or a post-it note and it will never be seen again. However, Wunderlust makes sure you stick to the schedule, reminding you of due tasks and approaching deadlines. Think of it as a to-do list that talks back and gives you a nudge when you’re slacking.