Revision tips

You probably don’t need reminding, but your exams are around the corner. Fear not because your favourite landlord has come up with some ingenious revision tips.

Revision. The very word sends a shiver down the spine. Late night swatting, panicking you haven’t studied enough and resentment because you can’t go out boozing; we’ve been there and we know it ain’t fun.

But unless you fancy going home with a Desmond Tutu, you’re going to have to get your head in a book – there’s no way out of it. However, you can make life a little easier and (dare we say) more fun with these brilliant revision tips, which Condor Properties have compiled...

Wash and go... through your notes

The shower might not seem like an obvious place to revise, but some students manage to swat up and soap up at the same time – to great effect.

“I was studying for a modern history exam and I just couldn’t memorise important dates during the Cold War,” says Callum Doherty, a student in Bristol.

“So I wrote them on a piece of A4 paper and stuck it to the shower door; while I was showering I kept going over them and by the time I went to the exam hall they were embedded in my brain.”

If you haven’t got a shower door, try sticking notes on the wall next to your bed and look at them while you’re waking up.

Two heads are better than one

Now, before you hit the books with your revision partner, answer a very honest questions; do you fancy them?

If you do, it ain’t going to work; being locked in a room with a hotty might help your love life but it’ll be a short term fling if you fail to make it into the next academic year.

Assuming you’ve found a suitable study partner, both of you should write down your strengths and weaknesses. You might find that your frailty is their forte, or vice versa.

Teaching others is an effective way of retaining information, while having a debate or conversation about a subject is a great way of learning and identifying areas that need improvement.

Like a pub quiz... but geekier

It might sound geeky – well, it is geeky – but organising a quiz can be an effective technique for group revision. It can also inject some much needed fun into revising.

“In our third year, when we all got fed up of burying our heads in the books, my course mates and I held weekly quizzes to help us revise,” says Isabelle Perry, who studied in Exeter.

“We all chipped in a couple of quid to buy some wine or a crate of beer and with that at stake it was amazing how it spurred us on to win.

“We took turns being the quiz master, which was also really useful in helping us revise.”