Have your beer and drink it

Have your beer and drink it; Condor Properties rate some tried and tested hangover cures so you can work and party hard.

There’s no getting away from it; with the hike in tuition fees there is now more pressure than ever on students to perform. And if your parents happen to be bankrolling your expensive education, they certainly don’t want to be calling you up on Wednesday afternoon to find you’re a festering, hungover mess from the night before.

This raises an age old problem; how can you enjoy a night of debauchery, without the physical consequences the following day?

Well, your favourite student lettings company has gone through the painstaking task of rating hangover cures so you can shake off last night’s excess and at least give the perception that you’re a conscientious student. It was a tough challenge, but here are our results...

The pre-emptive strike

Instead of shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted, why not prep your body for an evening of boozy revelry? That was the advice from one of our favourite bartenders in Swansea, who eats a fillet of fish poached in milk before a night on the sauce.

“The next day you pretty much get away scot-free,” he claimed.

“It lines your stomach you see.”

The verdict: He’s not wrong. This pre-night out meal made the following day fairly painless for us, although it if you’re fall-asleep-in-your-clothes drunk it’ll take a bit more than poached fish to fend off your hangover.


Milk thistle

It might sound like something you’d find in an old people’s home, but dropping 50ml of this liquid extract into a glass of water before you stumble into bed has been touted as one of the best hangover cures available.

The verdict: Used right this stuff is a revelation; its ability to fend off tiredness and queasiness is unquestionable although it does wear off by mid morning so you’ll have to keep dropping it in your drinks throughout the day. Available in all good health shops.



Water, water and more water.

The verdict: They say simple things are the best, but while H2O can vanquish headaches and nausea it is one of the most boring hangover cures out there. Use with the remedies above, not instead of.


Bloody Mary

Ahhh, the publicans’ favourite. Most doctors will tell you to steer clear of the hair of the dog, but can more booze really help make you feel better? There was only one way to find out, so we made some Bloody Mary’s.

The verdict: It’s a short term solution to a long term problem. The morning went by painlessly, but by the afternoon we had crashed. And it’s a slippery slope; booze for breakfast, surely that’s the first step to Alcoholics Anonymous?