Gracey - Loughborough

AMAZING; really feels like a home! Great landlord: easy to contact, very helpful, and always quick to help! Beautifully furnished! THANK YOU GUYS!!

Claire-Louise - Exeter

Absolutely amazing place to live, great landlords, really helpful, brilliant value, coming back next year :) thank you!

Sam R - Exeter

Really sound landlords who are always available to help and are very approachable. When first looking at the property we asked if they could put an extra sofa in as well as a double bed in a room which they did for no extra charge! They are really easy going and I have recommended lots of people to these as for me they have been the No. 1 landlords, especially for students like me who know very little about renting a property. Not a bad word to say about them at all. Go for these guys!

Maria L. - Swansea

Condor have been great! The houses are really nice much better than any I've lived in as a student previously. Any problems and they are sorted quickly. It's been a pleasure being a tenant with Condor!

Zoe R. - Swansea

Awesome landlords! Condor definitely own the prettiest student houses in Swansea! Lived with them for 2 years, great value and any problems sorted immediately, hence why I'm renting a new property off of them this July! So excited! Thank you Condor! :)

Marilyn C. - Loughborough

My son has been renting a house from Condor Properties together with other students and we have found Condor to be absolutely excellent. The properties are well furnished, upkeep is superb and very importantly the charming team from Condor deal with any little issues exceedingly speedily and in a very friendly manner. I would heartily recommend Condor.

Bethan E. - Swansea

Condor is an amazing company! The houses are fully furnished with modern amenities and a flat screen TV!! The landlords and maintenance team are always really friendly and always answer to any problems (when there are any, which is rare) The flat I had in Swansea was sublime with gorgeous sea views! Safe to say I will miss my condor property!

Nuala Claire - Liverpool

Condor have been amazing landlords to a house full of somewhat demanding girls. They always answer the phone and have always helped us with regards to any problems, if you want to get a property were problems will be met with solutions, get a student property with Condor-they are the best Landlords efficient and friendly-could not have asked for much more! Thankyou Condor X x

Mike P. - Liverpool

One of the best student years of my life, the work and effort Condor have accomplished is nothing but exceptional, Nathan & Akiff have given me some great advice I can move forward and succeed in Life.

Laura N. - Liverpool

We have been with Condor for 2 great years. If ever there was a problem it was dealt with very quickly, as they are so easy to get hold of. Also the properties are of a very high standard and we love the flat screen TV! Thanks Condor!

Delyth - Liverpool

Such a great landlord company to be with! Had such a great 2 years with them! Definitely recommend them to anyone!

Amanda F. - Liverpool

Condor completely took me by surprise with the quality of their student homes; the prices are very reasonable and you get high quality rooms as well as a comfortable living space. If I had any problems there was always someone to help :)

Kerryn S. - Liverpool

Condor has been FANTASTIC. We've had absolutely no troubles with them at all. There always a phone call away if anything goes wrong. Nathan, Gordon and Akiff interact with you on a very personal level and allow you to be able to discuss any problems you may have. The standards of the house's are all so clean, modern and lovely making my time at university a happy one! I loved them that much I stayed with them through 1st and 2nd year. All us girls at Rufford Road are very sad to leave and would highly recommend Condor in the future!!

Lucie R. - Liverpool

Condor has been so great to us, I haven't felt like a student this year because we've had such a fantastic house! Nathan, Akiff and Gordon are always a phone call away and deal with any problems no matter how big or small as quickly and efficiently as they can, Thank you for making this year so brilliant, we're really sad to leave x

Charli M. - Swansea

I feel Condor always try their hardest to make living with them the best experience possible and it's really easy to get hold of your dedicated location manager. The welcome nights with the pizza which happen at the start of each academic year are also a great touch and prove to be a great way of bonding with your location manager. The houses are also of a great quality and the flat screen TV makes student life a lot easier.

Alex J - Cardiff

Absolutely amazing guys, best landlords I have ever had. No hassle, always at the end of the phone, simply the best!

Jayde F. - Swansea

I've had a great two years with Condor, and I am going into my 3rd. I think that proves how brilliant you guys are! Best landlords ever! :D


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