Sarah Hampson - Loughborough

Condor were brilliant- we had a lovely house that was also amazing value for money, and their team was always friendly, helpful and super fast at resolving any issues we had. Thank youuu!

Elena Bokiša - Swansea

I have stayed with condor properties 2 years running. The properties are always well furnished to a high standard and landlords are always easy to get gold of as well as being friendly.

Victoria Cranwell - Swansea

Warm, fully furnished, modern flat...right on the sea front :) with a fantastic maintenance team and always somebody to help, I could not have asked for more for my final year!

Kyle Galego Swann - Swansea

Spent 2 years living with condor, wish it was for all 3. The whole package was spot on, price, accommodation and response time with any problems. Couldn't ask for more!

Jonny Holt - Loughborough

Top quality landlord, very casual, friendly and professional! Great value for money! Highly recommended!

Daniel Koscian - Loughborough

Excellent house and great value for money! Any issues were sorted fast and the guys were always friendly!

Anna, Annie, Bridie & Dan - Liverpool

We have found Condor are really easy to get hold of, are always friendly & are very responsive to any issues within the property. They make the properties feel very homely and they always go that extra mile!

Delyth & Laura - Liverpool

Condor are always reliable, and really helpful whenever there is a problem! Our house feels really homely and the added extra's make all the difference like the Flat screen Tv & the full length mirror in your bedroom. Condor have been so good as landlords we are staying on a second year.

Phil, Rachel, Sacha & Sophie - Liverpool

Living in a condor house has enriched our student experience, as the properties are finished to such a high standard with blinds & curtains in every bedroom & the big TV in the lounge. We get on really well with our landlord too as he is really approachable & easy to relate too.

Amy, Fran, Kim, Rebecca & Rhian - Liverpool

Condor have always delivered on promises & stick to what they say they will do. Our property is much better than your average student house, we love the wardrobes, full length mirrors & the curtains make all the difference. Another thing thats good is that their website is a true representation of what your going to get, the houses are this nice. We are staying on a second year :)

Anthony Harrington - Loughborough

Condor properties (shout out to akiff!) have been nothing but dependable and professional throughout the brief time i've been a tenant with them for the year. It's been an excellent experience, great value for money and a glowing example of what it means to have a good landlord!

Milli Grimes - Cardiff

Have lived in a Condor property now for 2 years; they are great landlords who help to solve any problem within the house as fast as possible and you definitely get great value for money as the properties come fully furnished to a great quality :) fully recommend!

Peita McAlister - Swansea

Would definitely recommend Condor. Such a friendly team and quick to resolve any problems. Best landlords I've had and the nicest houses in Swansea . Cheers guys

Tom Coleman - Swansea

Condor Properties' reputation in Swansea precedes it, it was well better than first expected - all our of house came fully furnished to a high standard with modern furniture in each bedroom and communal area. The maintenance team are the most friendly guys you will ever meet and respond to any problem you have as soon as possible. All our bills were managed for us by Nathan making the past year living in a Condor property a breeze. Looking forward to second year of residence with Condor Properties! A highly recommended company.

Laura Jane - Exeter

Brilliant!. Nathan has represented Condor fabulously, He is there WHENEVER you need a problem being fixed, offers exceptional customer service and is generally a nice guy! Really approachable and always making sure we are okay in the property. Would never hesitate to recommend Condor (In fact i already have!!) to my friends.

Ed Simkin-Byrne - Loughborough

Condor Properties really are fantastic landlords. Having lived in rented accommodation for the last three years their supremacy over other landlords is obvious on a number of levels. First of all, the house. Since Condor took ownership of our property they have done everything they can to make it more comfortable, stylish and efficient. In my time at the house we have been kitted out with brand new desks, wardrobes, full length mirrors, shelves and doors. Our kitchen and bathrooms have also been refitted with sleek, stylish, easier to use appliances and desktops. All these additions have not only made the house more secure and comfortable to live in but have also reduced the amount we pay in bills (through less heat loss/more efficient appliances etc). What could be better than that? A landlord who invests to saves you money. Condor Properties also did their best to make sure these changes were made with a minimal amount of disruption. Being a Business student, I've come to realize that service and customer interaction is of paramount importance to business success. This is something Condor have taken to heart, going above and beyond any expectations of service quality. The first time we met our landlord we were each bought a Dominoes pizza (something we all found very endearing). Anytime we have had problems our landlords have been quick to respond and eager to help. Such as the time one of our toilets was blocked before a huge house Halloween party. As I'm sure you can all understand, this would have caused major problems, however, Condor were quick to arrange an emergency plummer. Thankfully the problem was quick to sort itself out. Condor's generosity is also something which shouldn't go un-mentioned. We were all given a Condor hoody upon arrival. Two of my housemates were also given a £375 gift voucher as a way of thanking them for securing tenants for the house for the following year. All in all, Condor have been fantastic landlords and I really can not say enough about how highly I would recommend them.

Emily R. - Liverpool

Condor is a very efficient company. The house I have been renting with 4 other girls is modern, really nicely furnished and very homely. It doesn't really look like a student house - friends are always very complimentary. The rent is very reasonable. The house has pretty much everything we need, we haven't had to buy additional items. The landlords are very approachable and friendly so if we have any problems they send someone round usually within 24 hours and they fix the problems as quickly as they can. Me and my housemates have been so pleased with the house and service that we are staying on a further yeah. Would definitely recommend this company.

Katy Louise - Loughborough

By far the best landlords in Loughborough, made every attempt to keep us informed of changes. Gave us brilliant furniture and a brand new kitchen. Brilliant communication if we had any problems. Would strongly recommend them to any students.

Gracey - Loughborough

AMAZING; really feels like a home! Great landlord: easy to contact, very helpful, and always quick to help! Beautifully furnished! THANK YOU GUYS!!

Claire-Louise - Exeter

Absolutely amazing place to live, great landlords, really helpful, brilliant value, coming back next year :) thank you!

Sam R - Exeter

Really sound landlords who are always available to help and are very approachable. When first looking at the property we asked if they could put an extra sofa in as well as a double bed in a room which they did for no extra charge! They are really easy going and I have recommended lots of people to these as for me they have been the No. 1 landlords, especially for students like me who know very little about renting a property. Not a bad word to say about them at all. Go for these guys!

Maria L. - Swansea

Condor have been great! The houses are really nice much better than any I've lived in as a student previously. Any problems and they are sorted quickly. It's been a pleasure being a tenant with Condor!

Zoe R. - Swansea

Awesome landlords! Condor definitely own the prettiest student houses in Swansea! Lived with them for 2 years, great value and any problems sorted immediately, hence why I'm renting a new property off of them this July! So excited! Thank you Condor! :)

Marilyn C. - Loughborough

My son has been renting a house from Condor Properties together with other students and we have found Condor to be absolutely excellent. The properties are well furnished, upkeep is superb and very importantly the charming team from Condor deal with any little issues exceedingly speedily and in a very friendly manner. I would heartily recommend Condor.

Bethan E. - Swansea

Condor is an amazing company! The houses are fully furnished with modern amenities and a flat screen TV!! The landlords and maintenance team are always really friendly and always answer to any problems (when there are any, which is rare) The flat I had in Swansea was sublime with gorgeous sea views! Safe to say I will miss my condor property!

Nuala Claire - Liverpool

Condor have been amazing landlords to a house full of somewhat demanding girls. They always answer the phone and have always helped us with regards to any problems, if you want to get a property were problems will be met with solutions, get a student property with Condor-they are the best Landlords efficient and friendly-could not have asked for much more! Thankyou Condor X x

Mike P. - Liverpool

One of the best student years of my life, the work and effort Condor have accomplished is nothing but exceptional, Nathan & Akiff have given me some great advice I can move forward and succeed in Life.

Laura N. - Liverpool

We have been with Condor for 2 great years. If ever there was a problem it was dealt with very quickly, as they are so easy to get hold of. Also the properties are of a very high standard and we love the flat screen TV! Thanks Condor!

Delyth - Liverpool

Such a great landlord company to be with! Had such a great 2 years with them! Definitely recommend them to anyone!

Amanda F. - Liverpool

Condor completely took me by surprise with the quality of their student homes; the prices are very reasonable and you get high quality rooms as well as a comfortable living space. If I had any problems there was always someone to help :)


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