Coronavirus (Covid-19) Updates

Government Message to Students;                                                           

Testing & vaccine:

Travelling back to Uni? Take a rapid Covid-19 test at home first. It’s free quick and easy. Then take two tests on site or at home when you get there and keep testing regularly. Report all your results online. And if you’re not fully vaccinated, grab a jab. You don’t have to get your 2nd vaccine in the same place you got your first.  Let’s keep life moving.

Covid-19 app:

The NHS COVID-19 App is the fastest way to know if you’ve been exposed to Covid-19.  The quicker you know, the quicker you can take action to protect the ones you love.

Thanks to the millions of us using the app, it prevents up to 2000 new infections, every day.  So let your NHS COVID 19 App keep on protecting you.

The NHS COVID-19 App is your personal alarm system that helps you manage your Covid-19 risk. Use the app to find out if you’ve been near someone who’s tested positive, check symptoms, book a test, enter positive test results and get up to date information on any new local restrictions, self-isolating and support payments. 

Make sure you have the latest version downloaded and keep Bluetooth and contact tracing switched on to protect yourself and others


Condor Properties - Covid 19 Information

To safeguard our staff members who constantly visit our properties, when arranging maintenance visits, we will ask our tenants if anyone in the property is self-isolating or has been confirmed as having the Coronavirus. If anyone is self-isolating or has a confirmed case then unfortunately, we will ask to reschedule the visit.

What we need you’re help with?

  • You must ensure you are forthcoming in letting us know if you have tested positive with COVID-19.
  • You must ensure you let us know if you have been in contact with anybody who has COVID-19.
  • Please ensure you are looking after your personal hygiene and using hand sanitiser to help minimise spreading the virus.

Other than the above we will go about our business as usual and follow all the health guidance set out by the government until we’re advised otherwise.

University Information / Guidance







Public Health England provides specific advice, including the current situation in the UK. Their advice is updated at 2.00pm each day and can be consulted at;